Connect wallet/Create profile
This page explains how to connect a wallet in order to create a profile.
Contrary to some other websites, Nested does not allow you to simply sign-up with your email to create a profile.
You must first connect a digital wallet like MetaMask, Coinbase wallet, or else, to use the platform.
It is only once you have connected a wallet that you are able to have access to the profile features, and more.
Below is how you do it.

1. Launch the app

This is our landing page
  • Hit "Create a portfolio" OR "Launch app" OR click here.

2. Connect a wallet

The previous action takes you here
  • Hit "Connect wallet"

Choose a network

Choose a wallet

Sign – follow the steps

  • Select the account you wish to connect.
This is how it looks if we zoom in.
Again, we must select an account within our MetaMask to use on Nested.
  • Hit "Next".
  • Hit "Connect"
This is how it looks if we zoom in.
  • Hit "Sign"
  • Here you go
You are in!
You wallet is connected and a profile was automatically generated for you.
You can now edit your profile following the instructions here: