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The crypto world suffers from general over-complication and unbearable user experience that dissuade people from getting involved.

Nested is a crypto trading platform that breaks that trend by revolutionizing the accessibility to web3 investment in a way that is unprecedentedly simple, social and safe.

We provide a tool that enables people who know about crypto, and those who do not, to make money off each other in a way that is fair and mutually beneficial.

Our protocol leverages the power and practicality of NFT technology to create entire investment portfolios – Nested portfolios – that represent specific strategies depending on resource allocations within the portfolio, and that allow for the monetization of knowledge.

How it works

Once the portfolio is created, the user owns a NestedNFT representing the user’s holdings – up to twelve tokens in one single NFT – all backed by the underlying assets and their real market value.

The portfolio is modifiable at will by the owner and can be replicated by other users who might be inspired by the performance of the strategy at play.

Each copy of a portfolio earns its creator royalties, which incentivizes savvy traders to build successful portfolios that pay-off and profit to others too.

Furthermore, each alteration made by the original creator of the portfolio will be notified to all those who have copied it, giving replicators the choice to follow the move, or not.

The act of replicating a portfolio and the economy that revolves around it lies at the heart of Nested’s intended strategy to democratize DeFi. It is what truly gives the platform its social dimension.

This is not simple DeFi anymore, it is SocialFi at its best.

Auntie Danie on Nested


  1. I know about crypto so I decide to create a Nested portfolio by assembling various tokens together. I put $1k down and decide to allocate it following different percentages on each token that I have chosen for my portfolio.

  2. My Auntie Danie has got around $500 in savings that she wishes to invest too, but she obviously does not know anything about crypto – she trusts me though. I explain to her that she can invest her money following my strategy directly on Nested.

  3. I create a wallet for her that we connect to the platform. We go to my profile and copy my newly created portfolio. The Nested Smart Contracts instantaneously buys all the assets on decentralized exchanges and create a replica of my NestedNFT for Auntie Danie.

  4. Her $500 are now allocated exactly like my $1k in percentages, and I receive royalties for the copy.

  5. We both make money.

What Nested does and how it does it has the potential to turn the platform into DeFi’s layer 1 where users can build, manage, track, and replicate portfolios – even save and/or borrow digital assets.

Why is Nested the best solution?

Nested leverages the best of blockchain technologies to make DeFi easy to use.

Using NFTs and integrating decentralized applications with a user-centric vision turns the management of a diversified portfolio into child play.

For the very first time, your portfolio is an NFT that guarantees the ownership of all your underlying assets.

On Nested, you can:

  • Enjoy the best and most self-intuitive user experience DeFi has to offer.

  • Build and manage your portfolio:

    • Create | Pick the assets of your choice and build a portfolio. All of them are gathered in a unique element called an NFT.

    • Visualize | Enjoy a 360° view of all your positions.

    • Edit | Update trades, add more tokens, or cash out.

    • Exit the market | You can liquidate your portfolio and exit the market in one click.

  • Copy other’s portfolios | You can enter the market in a single click by replicating other users' strategies. You can also compound your own portfolio and earn royalties from every replication.

  • Earn royalties | Make money every time someone copies your portfolio. Stake your underlying assets (soon): Your portfolio can earn you yield if the assets in your portfolio are set properly.

  • Borrow money (soon) | Use the crypto held in your Nested portfolio to borrow money on decentralized borrowing protocols.

  • More to come soon...

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