Share a profile

This page explains how to share a profile

How could Nested be a social platform without the ability to share content.

Are you proud of your profile or admiring someone else's?

Share it!

Nested gives you the possibility to share profiles AND portfolios on the social media of your choice to inspire others.

1. Go to a profile

Whether it is your own of someone else's, all profile pages are structured in the same way.

  1. Top left: Username + Twitter handle + Date joined + Bio

  2. Top right: Share icon + "Follow" button OR "Edit" button if this is your profile

  3. Upper middle: Global performance + Total copies + Total copies value

  4. Lower middle: All of the profile's portfolios

2. Share now

  • Hit the light blue share icon on the top right of the profile card [left of "Following"]

  • Now choose the social media you wish to share the profile on

  • Or copy the link to embed it somewhere else

That's it!

Hoping this was helpful.

Happy Nesting!

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