Profile overview

This page describes how to see an overview of profiles

Nested is about Social Finance.

We don't believe in crypto trading alone or in trying to figure it out by oneself whereas the market is constantly evolving.

This is why we have come up with the idea of making it social, and this is where profiles play such an important role.

Profiles give everyone the opportunity to see who is behind record-breaking strategies, follow them and keep oneself abreast of their activity.

How to find a profile?

You can look for profiles directly in the explorer, or click on a portfolio to see who is the creator.

You have access to your own profile overview by hitting the icon in the upper right corner of the page – from anywhere in the app.

Whether it is your own of someone else's, all profile pages are structured in the same way.

  1. Top left: Username + Twitter handle + Date joined + Bio

  2. Top right: Share icon + "Follow" button OR "Edit" button if this is your profile

  3. Upper middle: Global performance + Total copies + Total copies value

  4. Lower middle: All of the profile's portfolios

That's it for profile overviews.

Make your own stand up and see you out there!

Happy Nesting!

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