Wallet and fiat on-ramp

This page is a slow introduction to Nested and to the instructions we have written just for you.

You have just landed on the page that will start you on your journey with Nested, and maybe even, you journey into the crypto trading world.

Here, we will show you how to take the initial steps to get started.

In real life, you must have a wallet that you carry around in order to purchase anything – the crypto world is not different.

Here, you must have a digital wallet so that you may operate on the Nested platform.

We have built a page to help you create a wallet first.

Then, once that is complete, you may check our page for how to connect that wallet to Nested in order to start trading – fun stuff.

Once all of that is done, you will learn how to:

If you are concerned about crypto trading and Nested in general, we invite you to head to our Risks & Security page to read all you need to know.

For anything else, go checkout our Trouble Shooting and Additional support & content pages.

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