This page explains how to create a MetaMask wallet. This is an important first step of your crypto journey so, do not read fast!

MetaMask has become a pillar of the web3 world.

With more than 10 million monthly users, the Fox – MetaMask's logo – has proven its reliability.

It is easy to use and has become the most popular software wallet available to date.

Here is how to set it up.

1. Download and install MetaMask

  • Go to the MetaMask website to find instructions on how to download it.

  • Their browser extension is compatible with:

    • Chrome

    • Firefox

    • Brave

    • Microsoft Edge

    • OR as an app via an Apple or Android device.

Even if you wish to use MetaMask on mobile, setting it up on a PC or Mac is easier.

Once the browser extension is fully set up, nothing stops you to create an account that can be imported onto the Apple or Android app.

2. Create a wallet

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the browser extension – Chrome here – you land on the first selection screen.

  • Assuming this is your first time, hit “Create a Wallet”.

If this is not your first time, there might be no need to explain – you may simply hit "Import wallet."

Safety first

  • Create a password

You will use this password to sign in to your account via the browser extension or the mobile app.

Although this is not your private key/seed phrase, you must save it in a safe place, just as with any password.

  • Save your seed phrase

This is your secret backup phrase – usually a non-sensical line of random words.


Check out this Twitter thread for good advices.

This is a randomly generated string of words and MetaMask will prompt you to confirm this phrase by entering it back into the app.

Once confirmed, you will land on the main page of your MetaMask wallet.


Note: Please write your seed phrase down on paper and save it somewhere safe – meaning offline.

Saving your phrase anywhere on your computer exposes you to hacks and scams – just know that many people were hacked via their seed phrase, so do not take this lightly.

3. Settings and a piece of advice

You should try to play with your new wallet’s settings to get familiar with it.

To access the general settings page, hit the icon in the top right corner of the page – next to where it says “Ethereum Mainnet.”

Your account name, notification settings and contact list can be edited directly from settings.

Your wallet’s unique Ethereum address shows directly below the “Account 1” identifier — that you may change of course.

An Ethereum address is a random string of characters.

This address is yours and yours only – such as your traditional bank account details – and this is what you will use to interact with the Ethereum blockchain from anywhere.

You will need it sometimes on websites and various exchanges whether to collect, send or receive tokens.

Every ETH address is more or less public and searchable via for transparency purposes.

Be reassured though, just because you can see and copy someone’s address does not mean you have control over it at all – the seed phrase is where the danger lies.

While anyone can send a token to any ETH address, only the user who owns the wallet associated with this address (i.e., has the password and seed phrase) can manage the tokens within it.

4. Add Funds

The two most common ways to add tokens to your MetaMask wallet are by either:

  1. Sending it from an exchange (Coinbase, Gemini, etc.)

  2. OR purchasing ETH directly through Wyre – MetaMask’s default payment interface.

  • Hit “Add Token” at the bottom of your main wallet page.

Here you can search for a variety of commonly traded tokens – not just ETH.

Just know that tokens usually go by their shorthand names.

For instance:

  • ETH = Ethereum

  • BTC = Bitcoin

  • SOL = Solana

Once filled with some tokens, your wallet is ready for use... on Nested of course! ;)

Happy Nesting!

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