Simple withdrawal

This page describes how the simple withdrawal feature works.

The simple withdrawal feature allows you to withdraw tokens from a Nested portfolio to a web3 wallet.

You can withdraw any tokens stored in your Nested portfolio.

1st step: click on "..."

2nd step: click on "Withdraw funds"

3rd step: click on "Simple withdrawal"

4th step: select a token

Select a token you want to withdraw from your Nested portfolio to your Nested wallet.

Remember, this page only shows you tokens you hold in your Nested portfolio.

In this example, we want to withdraw UNI from our Nested portfolio to our web3 wallet.

5th step: set an amount to withdraw and confirm

Set the quantity you want to withdraw. Once this quantity is set, you can confirm the withdrawal and wait for the operation to be confirmed.

In this example, we want to withdraw 0.5 UNI. Once the operation is confirmed, we will get 0.5 additional UNI in our web3 wallet, and 0.5 less UNI in our Nested portfolio.

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