Copy a portfolio

This page explains how to copy another user's portfolio.

1st step: Find a portfolio to copy

  • You can browse portfolios on the platform by scrolling down on the Explorer, using the search bar and filters.

  • You can also find portfolios on users' profile

2nd step: click on "copy"

Once you find the one that you like: You can directly hit the copy icon at the top right of the portfolio details interface.

3rd step: Select a stablecoin/crypto

You can copy a portfolio by using stablecoins or cryptos.

In this example, we will use ETH to copy a portfolio.

4th step: set a budget and confirm

All the assets in your Nested portfolio are bought proportionally to what is found in the Nested portfolio you want to copy. You need to consider this when setting the budget for the replication.

Once your budget is set, you can click on "Copy" and wait for the operation to be confirmed.

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