Portfolio Overview

This page explains what is the portfolio overview.

A major strength of Nested is the ability given to it users to see in-depth analyses of portfolios and their underlying assets.

The portfolio overview gives you an idea of how well – or how poor – is your overall performance across all portfolios.

It is the control tower of your strategies.

Now, let us see how to get there and what tools are available to you.

1. Go to Portfolios

Here is a list of all your portfolios with a quick snap available for each.

Although these snaps are not too detailed, they give you a brief summary of what is happening for each of your portfolios – original or copied.

To access the Overview, click on "Overview" left of "Create Portfolio"

Here is the actual overview.

You can see the various tools available – the first one being a graph with a timeline to gauge your overall performance through time.

A classic pie to see the distribution of all your assets.

Finally a list of all your assets with various details on each of them

That's it Nested people.

Hoping this was helpful and happy Nesting!

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