Proportional Deposit

This page describes how works the proportional deposit feature.

The proportional deposit feature allows you to purchase every token owned in your Nested portfolio according to their current and existing allocation. The proportional deposit feature is an excellent and easy way to accomplish a Dollar Cost Average (DCA) strategy.

In this example, we want to purchase all coins stored in the following portfolio using money owned in our web3 wallet.

Here is how a $10 proportional deposit will work in this case:

  • 40% ($4) to purchase ETH

  • 19% ($1.9) to purchase MYC

  • 9% ($9) to purchase UNI

  • etc.

1st step: click on "Deposit funds"

2nd step: click on "Proportional deposit"

3rd step: select a coin you want to proportionally deposit with

The Nested protocol will look for stable coins or crypto you own in your web3 wallet.

In this example, we can use USDC or USDT to proportionally deposit in this Nested portfolio.

4th step: set a budget and confirm

You must set a budget the Nested protocol will use to proportionally deposit it into your Nested portfolio. Once you have done it, you can click on "Confirm deposit" and wait for the operation to be confirmed.

In this example, we want to use $3.29 to purchase all coins owned in this Nested portfolio according to the existing and current allocations.

DCA in video

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