Royalties Overview

This page explains how to see an overview of royalties

Nested gives its users the possibility to earn royalties based on the number copies made of their original portfolios.

This means that if you only own copied portfolios because you just copy other users' strategies, you will NOT earn any royalties.

You MUST create original portfolios of your own and then convince others to copy your original portfolio to start earning royalties.

Here, we show you how to access the Royalties overview in one easy step.

Go to "Royalties"

  • This page shows you historical records and details on each replication of your portfolios.

Here, you can see:

  • The cumulative value of claimed royalties

  • The value of claimable royalties

  • The nature of the royalties – meaning the cryptocurrency earned

  • A history of all the copies made and the amount of Royalties that it generated

This detailed view was built for the user to easily keep track on his or her earnings.

We hope that this was helpful and that you earn a lot of them $$

Happy Nesting!

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