Simple Deposit

This page describes how the simple deposit feature works.

The simple deposit feature allows you to deposit funds from your web3 wallet to a Nested portfolio.

In the following example, we deposit SUSHI tokens stored in our web3 wallet to a Nested portfolio on Arbitrum.

1st step: click on "Deposit funds"

2nd step: click on "Simple Deposit"

3rd step: select a coin to deposit

Select a coin you want to deposit from your web3 wallet to your Nested portfolio. You can search for any coins through the search bear; you just need to be sure you own this coin in your web3 wallet.

In this example, we want to deposit USDT tokens in our portfolio.

4th step: set the amount you want to deposit

Set the amount to deposit. In this example, we want to deposit 5.5$ worth of SUSHI tokens.

We must authorize the Nested protocol to take the USDT tokens from our web3 wallet.

nb: If it's the first time you deposit a token, you must authorize it, and click on "Approve USDT".

5th step: confirm the deposit

You just need to click on "Confirm deposit" and wait for the operation to be confirmed!

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