Create a portfolio

This page explains how to create a portfolio.

It takes 5 easy steps and less than 3 minutes to create a portfolio on Nested – let us walk you through it.

1st step: Click on "Create Portfolio."

2nd step: Select your underlying assets.

Build your portfolio with the assets of your choice.

You can search for any tokens, play with sliders, and manually set or lock an allocation.

3rd step: select a coin you want to create your portfolio with.

The Nested protocol will look for stable coins or crypto you own in your web3 wallet.

In this example, we can use USDC to create the portfolio.

4th step: set your budget.

Set the amount you want to create your portfolio with. In this example, we want to create a portfolio with 746.82 USDC.

We must authorize the Nested protocol to take the USDC tokens from our web3 wallet.

nb: If it's the first time you deposit a token, you must authorize it, and click on "Approve USDC".

5th step: Make your portfolio stand out.

If you are fine with your budget, the assets you selected, and the weights you fixed – you're done with the most difficult part.

You may now choose a name to customize your portfolio and make it stand out!

All left to do now is mint your portfolio by clicking "Create portfolio" to finalize the creation process.

Now, you own a NestedNFT representing all your digital assets holdings! Well done!

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