Create a portfolio
This page explains how to create a portfolio.
It takes 4 easy steps to create a portfolio on Nested – let us walk you through it.

1. Go to "My Portfolios"

  • Click on "Create Portfolio"

2. Set an investment budget for your portfolio

  • Choose the network that matches that of the connected wallet – ETH for instance:

3. Select your underlying assets

  • Now that your budget is set, you can build your portfolio with the assets of your choice.
  • You can add any token available on the network chosen to your portfolio and allocate your budget following the desired ratio – expressed in percentages.
Note: Nested smart contracts will never alter the resource allocation of your assets on their own, even with market fluctuations.
Nested portfolios will maintain the ratio that you set up initially.
You have to update your portfolio allocations yourself in the case that you want it to change.

4. Make your portfolio stand-out

If you are fine with your budget, the assets you selected and the weights you fixed – you'r doneb with the most difficult part.
You may now choose a name and some hashtags to customize your portfolio and make it stand-out!
All that is left to do now is mint your portfolio by clicking "Create your portfolio" to finalize the creation process:
Now, you own a NestedNFT representing all your digital assets holdings! Well done!