Copied Portfolios

This page explains what is a copied portfolio and what it entails

This is the section dedicated to copied portfolios.

Here, you will learn how to:

Copying a portfolio means that the user who copies is the owner of the copy, NOT of the original.

This means that there are caveats to be aware of!

The copy is identical to the original NestedNFT in ONLY the following regards:

  1. It contains the same tokens

  2. AND the percentages of funds' allocation are the same

  3. It will also follow adjustments made by the original creator IF AND ONLY IF the user who copied the original portfolio agrees to follow the adjustments when prompted to do so by notifications.

The copy is different than the original in the following regards:

  1. The original creator might have created his portfolio with $10k whereas the user who copied did so with $1k – the percentage allocations of the funds are the same but not on the same amount basically.

  2. A copied portfolio CANNOT BE EDITED

    • You can deposit on the portfolio OR withdraw from it – that's it!

  3. The copy will never get copied because YOU CANNOT COPY A COPY - YOU CAN ONLY COPY AN ORIGINAL

  4. The owner of the copy will never receive royalties for that copied portfolio

  5. The name of that portfolio will be the same as the original + the number of the copy

    • Example:

      • Original: NESTED LOVE

      • Copy #1: NESTED LOVE #1

      • Copy #2: NESTED LOVE #2


Nested is about the democratization of DeFi.

To render a world that has remained quite exclusive for a long time accessible to all, we leverage the incredible force of Social Finance => SocialFi

We basically create a social environment in which users can benefit from each other's knowledge and activity.

This is why we have two types of portfolios:

  1. Copied portfolios [YOU ARE HERE]

On the one hand, original portfolios are created from scratch and display a specifically chosen strategy.

On the other, copied portfolios are copies of originals that enable people who do not know much about cryptocurrencies to look for successful originals and copy them in order to benefit from the strategies at play.

Now, if a given portfolio turns out successful with record high profits, it might attract other users who – unable to come up with a successful strategy of their own – may decide to copy that original portfolio.

  • The portfolio created from scratch is the original portfolio.

  • The portfolio that is copied by a user is the copied portfolio

To be clear:

  • The creator of the original portfolio owns that portfolio – unless he decides to sell/send it.

  • The user who copies that portfolio owns the copy, NOT the original.

That original portfolio was created from scratch SO:

It is indeed the creator of that portfolio who will benefit from all the royalties generated at each copy – NOT the user who copied the original portfolio.

To find out more about Royalties => Manage Royalties

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