Send a portfolio

This page explains how to send a portfolio to someone

This is right, you can send an entire portfolio to someone!

The fact that it is an original or a copied one does not matter => you can send it all the same.

Imagine that you wish to make a birthday gift to a friend or a relative:

  • You create a fancy looking portfolio

  • You send it

It was easy and your friend is happy.

Now, how does it look when doing it?

1st step: click on "My Portfolios".

Select a portfolio you want to share!

2nd step: click on "..."

3rd step: click on "Send portfolio".

4th step: insert an address and click on "Send Portfolio".

No matter where you decide to send your portfolio, the application prompts you to fill in the recipient's address.

Type in the address and the recipient will receive it instantaneously.

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