The timing is indicative. Although we take the roadmap seriously, the schedule might change if the team deems it necessary. So don't take financial decision considering the roadmap milestones.

Nested - Puzzle (Q3 & Q4 2021)

  • Building a portfolio βœ…
    • Enabling users to tokenize multiple digital assets – up to 12 – into a single portfolio through Nested smart contracts that buy the underlying assets on their behalf.
    • The protocol then generates a NFT that represents all the users' holdings => a NestedNFT.
  • Editing a portfolio βœ…
    • Users can edit their portfolio by:
      • Adding tokens
      • Swapping tokens
      • Selling tokens
  • Tracking a portfolio βœ…
    • Users can track the performance of their portfolio and enjoy a 360Β° view of their holdings.
  • Selling all (liquidating) a portfolio βœ…
    • Users can sell a portfolio in one click and redeem its intrinsic value.
  • Replicating a portfolio βœ…
    • Users can replicate an existing portfolio with a single click and benefit from the experience and knowledge of its creator.
  • Royalties distribution βœ…
    • A user receives royalties every time someone replicates their portfolio.
  • Launching on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon. βœ…

Nested - Lego (Q1 & Q2 2022)

  • New architecture βœ…
    • A new architecture allowing to plug any protocol instantaneously.
    • This will enable staking and farming directly from the Nested application.
  • Royalties in any tokens βœ…
    • Users can receive royalties in any tokens available on a given protocol. We will also reshape the Royalties page to be sure you can track and claim them in the most efficient way!
  • Expanding on more networks for maximum access to assets:
    • Ethereum βœ…
    • Optimism βœ…

Nested - Playmobil (2022)

Playmobil isn't a new version of our smart contract – it is a social patch!
All features should be delivered by 2022.
  • Profile section βœ…
    • You can now create a profile on Nested.
    • All your portfolios will be aggregated in your profile.
    • Share your profile with other users
    • Showcase:
      • your portfolios
      • your global performance
      • the number of replications + the cumulated value of all the replications
      • your followers
  • Twitter association βœ…
    • Synchronize your Twitter with your Nested account.
      • We encourage it to avoid community members, friends or relatives to replicate portfolios from the wrong account.
  • Telegram bot βœ…
    • Receive notifications directly on Telegram by opening a dedicated channel with our bot.
    • Get notified in real-time about royalties earned or updates made on a portfolio you replicated.
  • Fine-tuning the explorer
    • More categories added to ensure that you find what you are looking for easily.
    • Personal suggestions within the explorer based on your on-chain behavior, your preferences in the Nested dApp as well as on centralized exchanges – only if you associate them with your Nested profile.

Nested - Tetris (Q3 & Q4 2022)

  • Generating passive income
    • The underlying assets of each user’s portfolio will be invested in various DeFi platforms to generate yield.
    • Simply holding a portfolio will generate passive income.
  • Importing one's own assets to a portfolio
    • Users can add the assets that they already own in their wallets – Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc – to their Nested portfolios.

Nested - Rubik (Q1 & Q2 2023)

  • Borrowing money
    • Users will be able to use their Nested portfolio as collateral to borrow money.
    • Nested will interact with the most trusted borrowing platforms such as Aave and Compound.
  • Token Generation Event (TGE)
    • Nested will pre-mine all the tokens, and each token purchaser will receive their due.
    • The locking, lockups, and vesting are implemented at the protocol level.
  • Governance
    • Token holders will be able to participate in the DAO once the token is live.
    • They will be able to vote on things like the buyback ratio, platform fees, and the requirements for VIP membership.
    • They will also be able to vote for proposals.

Nested - Matrioshka (Q3 2023)

  • NFTs of NFTs and copy trading of NFTs portfolios
    • Users will be able to add their NFTs (BAYC, CryptoPunks, or another Nested Portfolio) to an existing Nested portfolio.
    • We will disrupt the copy trading market by enabling the copy trading of Nested's portfolios containing NFTs.
  • Limit orders
    • Users can set a limit order to their underlying assets contained in their Nested portfolio.
    • Once the underlying value reaches this target, the trade is processed.

Nested - MineCraft (Q4 2023)

  • This will be the time to start diving into cross-chain protocols. We hope the technology will be mature enough to abstract networks and build a cross-chain platform.