The timing is indicative. Although we take the roadmap seriously, the schedule might change if the team deems it necessary. So don't take financial decision considering the roadmap milestones.

Nested - Puzzle

  • Building a portfolio
    • Enabling users to tokenize multiple digital assets – up to 12 – into a single portfolio through Nested smart contracts that buy the underlying assets on their behalf.
    • The protocol then generates an NFT that represents all the users' holdings => a NestedNFT.
  • Editing a portfolio
    • Users can edit their portfolio by:
      • Adding tokens
      • Swapping tokens
      • Selling tokens
      • Deposit tokens
      • Withdraw tokens
  • Tracking a portfolio
    • Users can track the performance of their portfolio and enjoy a 360° view of their holdings.
  • Selling all (liquidating) a portfolio
    • Users can sell a portfolio in one click and redeem its intrinsic value.
  • Replicating a portfolio
    • Users can replicate an existing portfolio with a single click and benefit from the experience and knowledge of its creator.
  • Royalties distribution
    • A user receives royalties every time someone replicates their portfolio.
  • Launching on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon.

Nested - Lego

  • New architecture
  • Royalties in any tokens
    • Users can receive royalties in any tokens available on a given protocol. We will also reshape the Royalties page to be sure you can track and claim them in the most efficient way!
  • Expanding on more networks for maximum access to assets:
    • Ethereum
    • Optimism
    • Arbitrum ✅

Nested - Playmobil

Playmobil isn't a new version of our smart contract – it is a social patch!
All features should be delivered by 2022.
  • Profile section
    • You can now create a profile on Nested.
    • All your portfolios will be aggregated in your profile.
    • Share your profile with other users
    • Showcase:
      • your portfolios
      • your global performance
      • the number of replications + the cumulated value of all the replications
      • your followers
  • Twitter association
    • Synchronize your Twitter with your Nested account.
      • We encourage it to avoid community members, friends or relatives to replicate portfolios from the wrong account.
  • Telegram bot
    • Receive notifications directly on Telegram by opening a dedicated channel with our bot.
    • Get notified in real-time about royalties earned or updates made on a portfolio you replicated.
  • Fine-tuning the explorer
    • More categories added to ensure that you find what you are looking for easily. ✅
    • Personal suggestions within the explorer based on your on-chain behavior, your preferences in the Nested dApp, and centralized exchanges – only if you associate them with your Nested profile.

Nested - Tetris

  • Generating passive income
    • The underlying assets of each user’s portfolio will be invested in various DeFi platforms to generate yield.
    • Simply holding a portfolio will generate passive income.
  • On-ramp & off-ramp
    • Users can top up their web3 wallet directly from the Nested dApp or cash out to their bank account.
  • Web2 authentication process
    • Users can log in to Nested with their Google, Twitter accounts, and many more options.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)
    • Users can purchase a specific token on a regular basis, regardless of the token price. This process will be implemented through Gelato.
  • Trading competitions (1st batch):
    There will be two different trading competitions:
    • Those owned by Nested without any restrictions: we will set the prize pool and the rules. Users will be able to link their portfolios to these competitions.
    • Those owned by Nested with restrictions: we will set the prize pool, rules, and a whitelist. Nested will be able to whitelist users according to a selection of NFTs/tokens at the beginning of each competition. For instance, we could organize trading competitions for BAYC holders.
  • Importing one's own assets to a portfolio
    • Users can add the assets that they already own in their wallets – Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc – to their Nested portfolios.
  • Performance fee
    • Users will be able to set a performance fee on the portfolios they create.
While most of these features will be developed in Q4 2022, some will be available to the public only in Q1 2023, after the TrailOfBits audit is completed.

Nested - Rubik

  • Borrowing money
    • Users will be able to use their Nested portfolio as collateral to borrow money.
    • Nested will interact with the most trusted borrowing platforms such as Aave and Compound.
  • Token Generation Event (TGE)
    • Nested will pre-mine all the tokens, and each token purchaser will receive their due.
    • The locking, lockups, and vesting are implemented at the protocol level.
  • Governance
    • Token holders will be able to participate in the DAO once the token is live.
    • They will be able to vote on things like the buyback ratio, platform fees, and the requirements for VIP membership.
    • They will also be able to vote for proposals.
  • Trading competitions (2nd batch):
    There will be two additional kinds of trading competitions:
    • Private trading competitions: users can create a trading competition between themselves and others those they whitelist. It will work like a poker party amongst friends.
    • Community-owned trading competitions: Users can submit public trading competitions to the governance. Once approved, all details, such as prize pools and rules, will be determined by the governance in place.

Nested - Matrioshka (Q3 2023)

  • NFTs of NFTs and copy trading of NFTs portfolios
    • Users will be able to add their NFTs (BAYC, CryptoPunks, or another Nested Portfolio) to an existing Nested portfolio.
    • We will disrupt the copy trading market by enabling the copy trading of Nested's portfolios containing NFTs.
  • Limit orders
    • Users can set a limit order to their underlying assets contained in their Nested portfolio.
    • Once the underlying value reaches this target, the trade is processed.

Nested - MineCraft (Q4 2023)

  • This will be the time to start diving into cross-chain protocols. We hope the technology will be mature enough to abstract networks and build a cross-chain platform.