Synchronize a portfolio
This page explains how to synchronize a copied portfolio
The synchronization of a portfolio can only occur if – and only if – said portfolio is copied.
Let say the creator edits the original portfolio:
  • All copy owners get notified via our Telegram bot.
  • They can either accept or refuse to synchronize.
The choice is theirs.
The idea behind is to give as much control as possible to the copied portfolio's owner – he or she might not be able to edit that strategy but can refuse or accept adjustments made by the creator.
You can see if your copy is "Up to date" directly on the card of a copied portfolio OR when going in the detailed view.
If the original portfolio is updated, I will get notified directly on the platform but also via Nested's Telegram bot.
I will then be able to see it on the portfolio card – as well as in the detailed view.
Now, let's hit "Check & apply" to see the update.
We are even able to see the current allocations to compare on the spot.
If we agree with the move, we may click on "Apply"... or not!
It is entirely up to you once again.
That's it!
We have seen how to check if a portfolio is up to date and how to synchronize it.
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