Portfolio in details
This page explains how to get to the portfolio view in details and what tools are available there.
A major strength of Nested is the ability given to it users to see in-depth analyses of portfolios and their underlying assets.
In the case of an original portfolio, this gives the possibility to the user to evaluate his or her strategy and adjust it according to the market's trend.
If the portfolio is copied, it gives the chance for the copy's owner to make enlightened decisions on whether to invest more, less or pull out of his positions entirely.
The portfolio view in details is the cockpit from which you can see where you are heading.
Now, let us see how to get there and what tools are available to you.

1. Go to Portfolios

Here is a list of all your portfolios with a quick snap available for each.
Although these snaps are not too detailed, they give you a brief summary of what is happening for each of your portfolios – original or copied.

2. Access the detailed view

There are two ways to access the details view, an easy and a more meticulous one let say:
  1. 1.
    Click directly on the portfolio
  2. 2.
    Click on the three dots up in the right corner of the portfolio card and then on "View details"
    • As shown below, the fact that the portfolio is original or copied does not matter => "View details" is first in the drop-down menu.
Original portfolio
Copied portfolio – notice the #34 after the name => copy #34

3. Navigate the various tools

The detailed view gives you the possibility to do various things depending on whether the portfolio is original or copied.

A. In both cases, you can:

  • See the performance of the portfolio through time [ ALL | 1Y | 6M | 1M | 1W | 24H ]
  • Send or Share the portfolio
  • You can also see details about the assets contained inside of the portfolio with individual performance of each
Assets in details
  • You can see the info on the right side with the owner's name, the ID and the inception date.
Info for an original portfolio
Info of a copied portfolio
  • You can also see the history of the portfolio with the different movements made by the owner.
However, as you can see, an original portfolio gives the possibility to "Edit" or "Sell all"
Whereas a copied portfolio will only give the possibility to "Deposit" or "Withdraw" [see above]
That's it fellas!
Copy link
1. Go to Portfolios
2. Access the detailed view
3. Navigate the various tools
A. In both cases, you can: